Dec 18, 2010
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WSBB New Smyrna Beach Florida is where I learned to run the board, and first spoke on the air in 1966. But never was a paid employee!


1968 WOGO 1550 AM, My 1st real paying radio gig

WOGO AM 1550 New Smyrna Beach Florida * Middle Of The Road * On Air Talent

WMFJ AM 1450 Daytona Beach Florida * Top 40 * On Air Talent
No personal audio available – but here’s some cool sounds:

1970 Aircheck of Kris Earl Phillips at WMFJ
Jingle – 1450 Fun
Jingle – Big Papa
Jingle – Bubbling Over
Jingle – Choo Choo
Jingle – Daytona Weather
Jingle – Fun Capital
Jingle – Fun 2
Jingle – Fun Vibrations
Jingle – Just for fun
Jingle – Laugh
Jingle – Love of Daytona
Jingle – Sun tanned girls
Jingle – Surfing fun
Jingle – Zoom













Cleveland Wheeler was the PD at 1450 WMFJ who gave me my first full time job in radio, this photo from 2016!


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